The Bow Summit Difference

Why choose us? What makes us better for you?


To The Builder:

We recognize that you, our valued customer, are running a business just like us. The challenges we both face are similar. Ultimately your company, like ours, has put in time, effort, money and risk . Like us you support families and your goals are the same as ours – to provide quality, comfortable, affordable homes.

We recognize that in order to be profitable builders we must be prudent. Our difference is that we start at the planning stage. We keep a database of any problems we have had or our customers have had in the past and go through it to find out preferences and eliminate costly change orders. No one feels good when change orders are involved.

All of this starts from an estimate with a clear scope of work that is concise and detailed so both parties can be assured that they know what they are getting. It’s generally about the little things. Door heights, transfer airs, etc. We are confident that our planning stage helps us identify problems before they arise, saves materials, time and labour.

 All this helps your bottom line!

Design for a condo building @ 17th ave and 68th ST SE

Framing options

Some options people have chosen

Every job is unique and every customer has different needs and preferences. We listen and develop a product suited to your unique needs


Common services we offer

  • Framing of condo’s or townhouses with use of off site pre-fab walls framed at our shop
  • Building pre-fab walls off site for other framing contractors or builders. 
  • Commercial jobs or renovations, with walls framed at your location.
Walton House for Calgary Stampede
Condo building @ Crowchild Trail and 2nd Ave NW


3D view of a 120’000 square foot condo in Northwest Calgary.


Working on the design. Richard Burdett, Owner of Bow Summit Developments Ltd.
Lifting Glu-Lam beams @ Cochrane Alliance Church
Cochrane Alliance Church, Addition and Renovation NVR Construction.
120’000 Square foot condo being framed in Kincora 2018
120’000 Square foot condo being framed in Kincora
4 Storey 80,000 square foot condo in Cornerstone NE Calgary
Trinity Hills J1/J2
Trinity Hills J1/J2
Trinity Hills J1/J2
Main Line at Shop Looking South
IN4 Optimizing Software
IN4 Semi Auto Layout Saw CNC
IN4 Saw Plates Layed Out
Uplift hardware installed for shear walls above.